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Maria Francesca Pepe Jewelry, Spring Summer 2012 Collection

Since we’ve been feeling the accessories all week, we decided to incorporate an amazing jewelry collection into today’s Furry Friday post.  You know how we love to include our favorite little friends into our fashion inspirations! This week the animal of choice isn’t exactly FURRY!  Even though snakes aren’t furry and snuggly like some of the other animals we usually post about, they have other great qualities and still hold a place in our hearts.  There is something so exotic and beautiful about the presence of snakes; from they way they move to their colors and patterns. They represent such mysticism.  We know they’re not meant for everyone!!!  It’s a long-term committment to make, because snakes usually live 20 years or more and they have specific needs as far as feeding and living spaces.  So, even if you don’t plan on adopting or owning a snake at least you can admire the beauty they radiate.  We thought this jewelry editorial perfectly captured the beauty of snakes and we couldn’t help but fall in love with Maria Francesca Pepe’s Jewelry collection.  Isn’t it great?? It’s so edgy and sexy!!  Check out their website for more jewelry obsession.  As usual, we can’t let a Furry Friday pass without reminding you about Pet Harbor and making sure we all pass on the knowledge of adopting over buying an animal!!!  Lets save lives together!!!!   We hope you guys have a great Friday!  xoxo K&A