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{All photos via: Pinterest & Terribly Cute}

Look at these adorable faces… now imagine rooms full of them in filthy crates, bleeding paws, infected and inflamed eyes, matted fur and itchy skin.  Imagine them barking constantly for someone to give them attention. Then there are the mothers who live only to produce and never see the light of day or the feeling of green grass under their paws.  Then, when they are too sick and unable to produce they are usually discarded and put down in a very inhumane way.  It’s not a pretty picture.  Most people don’t realize that if you purchase a puppy in a pet store or online, they most likely came from an environment just like this, a Puppy Mill.  September is Puppy Mill Awareness Month and we took the pledge with ASPCA that if a pet store sells puppies we won’t buy anything there.  Take the pledge.  Make adoption your first choice and please, know where your pets are coming from.  Together let’s help educate each other and make a difference in these lives.  TGIF!!!

xo,  K&A