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There are so many things we love about this time of year and one in particular is it’s the beginning of award season.  We are fascinated with the Hollywood celebrity just as much as the next person and love the movies!!  Here are a few great shots of some of our favorite classic stars and their pets.  Seriously, nothing makes you love a celebrity more than finding out they have a heart for animals.  We love it when stars use their celebrity to help create awareness. Actor Ian Somerhalder is a perfect example of this, he founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.  They are currently working on opening an animal sanctuary that creates a safe place for all the outcast animals that have been neglected, mistreated and ultimately misunderstood.  As well as bringing them together with kids and bullies into an environment where their hearts can grow and flourish.  What a great cause!!  Check out their website to learn how you can help bring this sanctuary to fruition.  Remember, if nothing else, creating awareness is a way of helping so please share, share, share!!!  Have a beautiful weekend!

Love, K&A